Marketing 101


Marketing Basics

·      Do a Blog Tour

·      Do a Cover Reveal

·      Develop a newsletter and give something good away – or have something new to talk about.

·      FB boosts or ads manager –target market

·      Goodreads promo

·      AMZ via KU- giveaway and bid ad, must spend $100 total

·      Twitter ads

·      Instagram

·      Use Sale sites

  • o   Book Sends

  • o   Freebooksy

  • o   Bargainbooksy

  • o   Fussy Librarian

  • o   Book bub

  • o   Read Freely

  • o   E-reader news today

  • o   BookGorilla

  • o   Pixels of Inc

  • o   Robin Reads

·      Do a sale

  • o   Free

  • o   99 cents

·      Write a great book

·      Write an interesting blurb

·      Create eye catching ads

·      Make a video

·      Make a slide show

·      Create an author logo

·      Are you reading? If so, are you suggesting these reads to your friends?

·      Always be positive about your sales 

·      Be enthusiastic about your product

·      Write next book

·      Attend events

·      Attend events even if you’re not signing

·      At events, place book in buyers hands

·      Join Romance Writers of America online genre groups and volunteer – expand your sphere of influence

·      Live your brand

·      Separate personal from biz on author page

·      What’s your angle? Open up your target demo

·      Don’t be negative about author world or get caught up in drama

·      Ask for Sale!! -MOST IMPORTANT! ASK!