Yesterday, two of my very close writer friends were discussing two very serious problems in the Author Industry- Piracy and Returns. I've been thinking about this for a long time.
I feel, one of the best ways to show why this hurts the author would be for readers to see how much authors spend to get a book in their hands. I do not even have a book out yet, and I am so far in the R-E-D it isn't even funny. (Just ask my husband) Anyway, here is a quick breakout of each dime I've spent since I started writing in April 2013.
RWA Retreat 2x- $300
RWA Dues - $150
IRWA dues - $80
Chicago Conference - $400
Cincy Signing #1- $400
Cincy Signing #2- $400
Swag- $600
Editing - $700
Book Cover #1- $350
Logo- $150
Online Workshops - $500
Book cover #2- $350
Marketing Materials $450
Author lunches- $250
Program Chair Expenses - $250
These figures are very rough but they TOTAL: $5,330

Sorry, I just had to get up from the floor after I passed out, don't show these numbers to my hubbie or he'll have a heart attack!

To continue:
Now let's also factor in time spent:
Writing- 6 to 8 months
Critique partner- 3 days
Beta reader- 5 days
Editor- 5-7 days
Posting actual book on-line - 1 day
Preparing book for Createspace- 2+ days
Preparing book for Audible- 2+ days
Stressing over book sales- Neverending

SOOOOO MUCH goes into putting out a book. SOOO MUCH, please, please remember this when considering file sharing or returning a book.
Authors work so very hard and they ask for so little. THANKS for considering. I'm bleeding out here. ;)