Water's Threshold's birthday is November 11th, and to celebrate, I bought Maya and Terran a new COVER! 
Not only that, I'm giving YOU the present- Water's Threshold is only 99cents the entire month on November!!

What do you think of this new look? 
Similar to before but a little edgier. 
And with villains like Quint, this cover needed a little darkness. Will he be back in Book #3, Air's Vision? Will the Elementals finally stop him once and for all? Find out First Quarter 2016, hopefully by February if not sooner! In the meantime, read all about Flint and Violet in Fire's Field, Book #2. 

 I’m celebrating 500 Likes on my Facebook Author page and Water’s Threshold’s book birthday in November, EQUALS an awesome Rafflecopter. This includes book giveaways from my author friends.

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AND ANNOUNCING 99cents for Water’s Threshold the entire month of November. I released Water’s Threshold, the first in my Elementals series on November 11th last year, so help celebrate its book birthday by adding it to your TBR list.

Thanks for all your support! 2016 is going to rock!

I recently had an author friend say something that really resonated. She said when you "hit" you better have the books to back it up. "When I hit", I don't know what that will be, or how I'll define when that "it" comes along, but until then honestly, I'm enjoying the journey. Last November, I released Water's Threshold. Since, then I've released three more books. I think four books in one year is quite a feat. Another feat, I'm very excited about is hitting 500 Likes on my FB page, I've almost hit "it". I'm measuring my success in stages, hitting 500 Likes is small progress but it's still progress. November will be a fun month. I'll be celebrating my one year PUBLISHING anniversary November long. So stay tuned, and if you hear shrieking soon...it's just me celebrating the 500 Like milestone. 
I'd like to thank the members of the Juicebox Dialogues for all the fun times I've had since it's inception. There are plenty of "it's" we've done together and plenty more to do. Write On!
*Be sure to check out the The Elementals Series tab. I've added a teaser for Air's Vision.


Rachel's Guard
Book #2 The O-Line Series

One hidden secret. One tragic mistake. Two lives converge to discover one final truth.

“I killed you.”

With his grandmother’s words, pro-football player Warren “Bronco” Murray’s picture-perfect world takes a direct hit. After mistaking him for a man from her past, Bronco believes his grandmother’s confused confession reveals the man who raised him isn’t his real father. Is his grandmother’s mind slipping? Or is she harboring a deadly secret?

Searching for an answer to a question he’s not even sure exists, Bronco hires Rachel Harris, a local private investigator and a woman who brings out his protective—and primal—instincts.

Rachel’s spent her life seeking her own resolution for a tragic mistake made years ago. Unwilling to suffer through another loss, she vows to keep her relationship with Bronco strictly professional. Yet with each step into Bronco’s past, she finds that the players shaping her life also shaped his.

Working together to uncover the facts, they falter when the game turns deadly. Nothing is as it seems and they must fight to unearth the truth buried under past deceptions and lies. 

Bronco and Rachel survive personal attacks and shocking revelations only to discover that the answers they sought have created a new path…but will they endure the journey together or falter under the truth?


Rachel's Guard Excerpt:
Rachel Harris, private detective extraordinaire and Clayton Kincaid, local cop and friend discuss Bronco Murray's case.

“This is a private matter, Rach.” Clayton shook his head. “Not grounds for a full police investigation. Bronco understands that, right? You’ve filed for discovery, received the traffic crash report, death certificate, autopsy and toxicology reports, plus all these articles.” He flicked a finger at her copies of newspaper articles covering Thomas Northman’s car accident. “Everything in that pile indicates death due to drunk driving and tumbling down a deep ravine.”

“Nah, something’s off about all this. I need to talk to the cop and tow truck driver who were at the scene. See if anything seemed odd, because these reports indicate Northman swerved.” She sniffed, taking in the stench of sweat and whatever other bodily fluids lined the police station’s offices. “It really reeks in here. Light a friggin’ candle, or something.”

Clayton sighed. “Harris…listen, lots of deer live in Northern Ohio. And Northman’s accident occurred in the fall, during rut. Likely just wrong place, wrong time. No mystery there.”

Rachel barely refrained from kicking him. His rational mind wasn’t what she needed today. For once, they were actually on the same side in an investigation, because usually she assisted her uncle with criminal defense cases. “While I don’t relish the thought of sending Bronco’s grandmother to jail, I would like to find answers for him. Luckily, Evidence still had a sample of Northman’s blood. I sent it off to my toxicologist.” She shrugged. “I’m betting another substance impaired Northman’s driving.”

Her stomach growled, since she’d skipped breakfast. Maybe she could talk Kincaid into taking her out for pancakes. “I wish we could still investigate Northman’s car. The fire after the crash could have been intentional to mask other injuries or foul play.”

“The coroner ruled accidental death due to the combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries.” After closing her file, Clayton crossed his all-too-toned biceps over his chest. “I wish Bronco the best, and I hope he finds peace with his family issues, but we all have family issues, Harris. Some of us live in that nightmare every day. You know that better than anyone.”

“I know he’s hurting.” She ran a finger along her coffee cup’s rim. “And for some girly-frilly-bags-of-fluffy-kitten-shit reason, I want to ease his pain.”

“Better ways to ease a guy’s pain.” Clayton smirked.

Rachel rolled her eyes. “You have no idea.” She held her hands more than a foot apart. “No one can handle that. He’s a freak of nature down there. I don’t know how he walks around with that thing all day.”

“I know.” Miming a gun with his forefinger and thumb, Clayton made a clicking sound out the side of his mouth, which made half his face scrunch. “It’s a tough job, but guys like us have no problem carrying the extra weight.”

Want to read the rest? Download onto your device Saturday, October 10th!!

2015 Copyright by Jillian Jacobs

Nineteen-year-old Elizabeth ‘Beta’ Camden is a survivor.

When the E’mani—those pale alien freaks—destroy Earth with a plague of madness and scoop up the remains, Beta is one of the ‘lucky’ ones. For years, she endures their tortures, experiments and games. Then one day, she manages to escape their ship with her life, and no memory of her time with them.
Stranded on their world, Beta wanders the mountains, looking for a way home. She stumbles onto the Fost—the E’mani’s ancient enemy.  Their war with the E’mani is old and rooted in magic that the Fost once had and the E’mani crave. Magic Beta soon discovers she’s developing along with strange tattoos and disturbing glimpses of her past. The Fost take her in and train her in their ways. As she spends more time with them, she falls in love with their culture and with Marin—he of the hot hands and slit eyes.
But the E’mani took her for a reason and they want her back—dead or alive. If Beta doesn’t remember that reason soon, they’re all going to die.


Oy. No more weekday frat parties for me, no matter how

noble the cause, especially when I have a test the next day. What was

I thinking? And last minute cramming with a headache was not a

good idea either. Forget it. My eyes drifted to the clock.

And now I was late. Damn it. With a sigh, I threw down my

pencil and scrambled up, my head throbbing. I traded my Eeyore

jammies for skinny jeans and a fitted white t-shirt. Shoes, where

were my shoes? Gah. I ducked and rooted around in the deep, dark

spaces under my bed. Hmm, the green dress I borrowed from Sarah.

Mental note: I need to return that. English book, various dust

bunnies of uncertain lineage…there.

Sketchers on, I grabbed my backpack, turned up my iPod,

and ran out the door. No time to primp.

Good thing the campus I lived on was small. There was a big

central courtyard—the quad—filled with towering oak trees and

wide-open spaces surrounded by squat school buildings and

classrooms. If I hurried, I’d make it…

I raced into the quad out of breath and slowed, turning in a

complete circle.


No one around. Unease skittered through me on soft paws.

The courtyard was always busy. I pulled my headphones out of my

ears. Was there some sort of event I didn’t know about going on?

The unnatural silence pressed in on me for a second as the

echoes of my steps faded.

Then screams—men’s and women’s—poured from Main

Street. I broke into a run and shot between the buildings toward the


Cars littered the intersection. Some guy rear-ended someone

else, causing a chain reaction down the road. A horn blared nearby

and a faint breeze blew the smell of gasoline, smoke, and copper my

way. Clusters of people stood among the wreckage.

Colleen S. Myers plays many roles. Not only is she a veteran, a mother, and a practicing physician, but she is a writer of science fiction and contemporary romances. Colleen’s dreams include surviving her son’s teenage years, exploring every continent on this planet, except Antartica, cause that’s way too cold, and winning the Nobel peace prize. Dream BIG! Currently she is getting ready to publish her first novel, MUST REMEMBER in November of this year (cover reveal soon.)  Until then look for her at Three Rivers Romance Writers, at Facebook  Colleen Myers, and at @ColleenSMyers.