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My 2015 “Moose” Mantra- Author Collaboration
As a relatively new writer, I’ve relied on more seasoned authors to direct me down the right and WRITE road. To aid with this, I co-developed a local author sub-group called the Juicebox Dialogues. This group was created in order to share and promote author news. I would encourage every author to surround themselves with a crew of like-minded people. You’ll be amazed at free flow of information. Sometimes you just have questions, and knowing there are others who are willing to answer, relieves a lot of strain in an already overwhelming writer world. 
With that in mind, here are some of the focal points of our group that I feel can be of benefit.
Share news on all social media outlets. By SHARE, I mean, click that button. It’s very easy to do. 
Like each other’s posts- sometimes it’s the little things
Read each other’s books-sometimes it’s the big things. I get a thrill out of just knowing someone is reading my book. Like the content or not, at least they put forth the effort.
Post reviews- this should actually be Number #1
Include excerpts by other authors at the back of your books- I recently did this with an author friend, since we both write romantic suspense. 
Attend local author events even if you’re not signing. For example, book signings, writer conferences, and library events- BE PRESENT!
Beta read
At book signing’s, with each book purchase, give the buyer additional swag from your author friends
 Combine advertising dollars, nationally and/or locally for traditional advertising, like Romantic Times or a local publication. 
For more expensive swag items split the cost with various authors, like mugs or cloth bags 
Host authors on your blog
Host brainstorming sessions
Volunteer within your RWA chapter
Like author pages on Amazon, Facebook, Goodreads, etc….
Write novellas together and/or package books together
Visit and comment on blog posts 
Share your experiences when you try something new, like a Bookbub ad or a new blogger
Develop and submit RWA Conference workshops together
Post photos from author events – show readers your camaraderie
Video blogging

What kinds of author collaborations have you done? Were they successful? What ways can we help each other as we move forward in this ever-changing world of romance writing? Do you already have a group of author friends? If so, what fun things do you do to support each other? 
If you’d like, please visit YouTube for some fun videos with my Juicebox Dialogues pals. 
In 2015, my wish is that you’ll find a group of writers who share the same positive spirit. Collaborate today! 

Stripping Science.
As Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal writers there are no true boundaries. With our vivid imaginations, we can create a plethora of creatures and imaginary lands. But where do you get your inspiration? Imagine the story ideas you could develop from the wonders and mysteries of the universe, from science. 
In my first series, The Elementals, my villain is a being composed of dark matter. I stayed close enough to the parameters of physics, while at the same time adding in a little artistic license.
Here’s a pop quiz: What channel offers creative ideas in science? The Science Channel. 
Honestly, I don’t watch much TV, I’d rather read. However, when my husband has on shows like Strip the Cosmos and Through the Wormhole, I am riveted. Although, at the end of each show, I’m generally asking, WHAT?!?! With that in mind, I’d like to conduct a mini-brainstorming session.
Let’s strip down each show on the The Science Channel:
How the Universe Works: Combining expert opinion with extraordinary computer generated imagery; the fascinating series uses modern astronomy to reveal the inner workings of outer space.
Story ideas:
A couple meets at a physics conference and fall in love discussing the wonders of the universe. One gets chosen for a NASA project, but the other doesn’t. That’s not a black hole, but a dark moment.
A man takes the woman he loves to all the doctors, but finds no cure, so he transports them to an alternate universe.
What about a woman in love with a man who only exists every third day of the month in an alternate universe, created through a thin opening on earth, and she has to fight to meet with him each time?
Strip the Cosmos: Stunning CGI animation to strip planets, moons, black holes, stars and galaxies – layer by layer – to solve key mysteries surrounding the origin and destiny of the universe.
Story ideas:
What better place to research a book on relativistic time travel? 
Or a couple existing in two alternate universes- through the Many-Worlds theory. 
What if we had to survive a solar storm? Power surges, blackouts, fried communication satellites. Who would be the heroes?
Worlds Strangest: Explores the odd, the bizarre and the down-right peculiar.
Apparently, through some sort of scientific process, they’ve created this Spider silk skin, which is in fact fortified by spider silk protein. What if a squadron of soldiers had this skin as armor, wouldn’t it be fun to put them up against bad guys? Make them hero’s and heroines. What a great military paranormal idea. 
The Unexplained Files: An unabashed telling of some of the world's best and most baffling true stories.
Story ideas:
What if your hero had an unbelievable story, and couldn’t find love because everyone thought he was crazy, but then someone comes along with a similar story and together they find love. 
What about all those scientists throughout history who were scorned and laughed at over their theories, who loved them, and why? 
Red rain? Super creepy, what if the red rain was some alien species? 
Or sailors who went missing without a trace? Where did they go? 
Dark Matters: This series takes viewers inside the laboratory to profile strange science and expose some of history's most bizarre experiments.
Love the intro to this show, “dramatized stories that some people will find controversial and disturbing” 
Story Ideas:
What if there really were super soldiers, like Captain America, who would they love? Would they hide their gifts? How did they attain these powers? 
Or what about a story on an orphan who’d been used for some sort of brain washing or mind-control experiment? Who would help them find peace? 
Futurescape: A series unveiling incredible mind-blowing discoveries. Each episode explores a different event horizon that will critically alter life as we know it. Telepathy. Colonizing Space. Staying Forever Young. Robot Citizens. 
Story ideas:
What kind of contraptions will we attach to our bodies in the future? 
What kind of romantic relationships will we have? 
Will there be dating sites that pick the perfect partner, but those partners aren’t human, or are they?

So, for your next story, check out the wonders of The Science Channel and someday you just might be featured on, Prophets of Science Fiction. 

Winter's Fire blurb-Army sniper Sam Winter is home from the war. But it wasn’t an act of heroism that got him medically discharged. After his team found out he was gay, they beat him so severely he could no longer perform his duties. Now, at his family’s horse farm in Kentucky, Sam faces not only an uncertain future, but his father’s condemnation and prejudice, as well. The one thing he is certain about is his feelings for his best friend, Cooper Brown, who Sam has secretly been attracted to since high school. For years, Cooper has harbored his own secret attraction toward Sam. Now that Sam is home for good, he’s ready to tell him how he feels.
When Coop and Sam finally reveal their secrets to one another, the bonds of friendship expand in ways neither thought possible. As his relationship with Coop grows stronger every day, Sam feels his life is finally on course, especially when he rediscovers his love for photography and envisions a new career behind the camera. But an infernal stable fire changes everything and forces shocking, long-hidden truths into the light, changing Sam’s life forever.

I've already ordered what is sure to be a top M/M read. Please welcome the very diverse author, Donya Lynne. 
What is one trait you share with your heroine in this book?
Since this is a m/m romance, there is no heroine, so I’ll have to use one of my heroes. I think I’m like Sam in that I’ve always been the oddball or the black sheep. I’ve never been one to follow a crowd. Instead, I do my own thing. While Sam struggles with his identity in this book, he realizes he’s the black sheep, too.
Sorry, I should have updated my questions. 
One thing you have learned as a writer this year?
One very powerful thing I learned this year—just recently, in fact—is that I function well within structure but completely crumble when I try to keep a schedule.
Last week, I completely revamped how I work. I created a structure where I do whatever I want from 6:00AM to 7:00AM, then devote 7:00-12:00 completely to writing. I have a word goal to achieve during that time. I don’t stop writing until I’ve hit that goal, and then I can use the remaining time to either continue writing or work on other tasks, such as editing or research. These five hours are also distraction-free. I shut down email, turn off my phone, and shut off all social media. I take noon to 2:00 to shower, eat lunch, and tend to my dogs, and then I’m back at it at 2:00PM. The afternoon is devoted to all things non-writing (book-related writing). Maybe I’ll write a blog post. Or perhaps I’ll work on research or plot/character notes for my next book so I’m ready to start writing it when I finish my current WIP. This time is also reserved for judging contest entries, updating my website, registering for copyrights, reading and answering email, reading messages in my yahoo groups, or whatever else needs to be done. But the writing comes first. Nothing else gets done until the word goal is met.
I find I am much more clear-headed now that I’ve instituted this structure. My writing is more inspired, too. And I’m not as stressed.
But the BEST part about my new structure is that I’m writing in two hours what it used to take me all day to write. Before, I allowed email, my phone, Facebook, and everything else to distract me. Now, I dedicate those five hours to me. The world can live without me until noon. And thank God for that. My productivity has doubled, maybe even tripled. I’m hitting my daily writing goal in less than two hours when it used to take me eight. And for only the fourth time since September 1, I wrote over 4500 words in one day without even trying…and I wasn’t even inspired when I did this. Can you imagine how many words I could have written had I been inspired?

I agree structure is important. Writing is a full-time job so laying out a schedule is a fantastic idea. 

One writer, you'd LOVE to have lunch with? 
Stephen King, because he pulls no punches and says it straight. I love that. But if I had to pick someone within my own genre, I would say Liliana Hart or Marie Force. Those ladies know what they’re doing. I’d love to have an hour or two to glean some of that wisdom.
You'll have a chance to meet Liliana Hart this year through IRWA. Woot!

Winter's Fire Excerpt:
Around four o’clock, the sound of an engine brought his gaze around, and he took off his brown cowboy hat as Cooper’s truck broke the ridge of the hill that kept the back of his property hidden from the road.
Sam leaned on the post hole digger and palmed sweat off his forehead.
“What are you doing here?” Coop got out of the cab and set his own hat on his head. He wore only a white T-shirt and faded jeans over dusty cowboy boots. The front of his shirt was smudged with dirt. Looked like Cooper had been working hard today, too.
“What’s it look like I’m doing? I’m working.” Sam trudged to the bed of his truck and filled a plastic cup with water.
“Yeah, well, you were supposed to be working at your dad’s today, from what I understand.”
“Fuck him.” But he knew there’d be hell to pay when he got home.
“He wasn’t happy when he asked me where you were and I told him I hadn’t seen you.”
“Like I said, fuck him.” Sam returned to gouging out an earthen hole with the post hole digger. “I’ve got other things to do. I don’t have time to do the shit work my dad wants to throw on my shoulders.” He grunted as he slammed the digger into the soil.
But his dad had him by the short and curlies. He couldn’t avoid working for him forever. Until Sam figured out what he was going to do to make his own way, he was stuck. He had nowhere else to go, no way to make money, and no prospects for either. Maybe he would have to go back to college. But then that would keep him under his father’s thumb for even longer as he worked on a degree. But a degree in what? No matter where Sam’s mind took him for answers, more questions—more obstacles—popped up.
“Need a hand with that?”
Sam looked up to find Cooper standing beside him. He’d been so consumed by his thoughts that he hadn’t even heard Coop approach.
Coop reached for the post hole digger. “I think you’ve killed this one already.” A crooked grin spread over Coop’s mouth.
Sam looked down at the mangled hole he’d chopped out of the dirt. “Yeah. I guess I got a little carried away.” He took a step back and let Coop take over.
Coop’s biceps and triceps cut into the underside of his skin as he plunged the digger into the hole and worked the soil, making the muscles on the backs of his shoulders and down his torso ripple like those of a lean predator tackling its prey.
“You seem pretty pissed off at your dad.” Coop glanced at him as he pulled up a load of dirt and tossed it aside. “Want to talk about it?”
“Not really.” Because talking about it would involve revealing why he and his dad were more at odds with one another than usual, and he wasn’t ready for that. At the moment, he just wanted to watch Coop work, because…yeah…he liked watching him. Liked the way his jeans clung to the curves of his ass and thighs as his muscles flexed.
As Coop circled the hole and kept digging, Sam noticed a small, frayed patch in the denim just below his crotch. It was big enough to reveal a touch of skin.
Sam licked his lips and cleared his throat as he poured himself another cup of water. As he drank, he glanced toward Cob’s Creek gurgling between the trees in an effort to distract his mind from the naughty thoughts threatening to consume him.

Buy links:
Amazon: amzn.to/1xWLw1Q

Barnes and Noble: bit.ly/1wHF3eB

Kobo: bit.ly/1C4iEbV

Smashwords: bit.ly/1AtIaGi

All Romance ebooks: bit.ly/1wHEDVi

NOTE: For purchases made by December 31, a free erotic m/m short story will be included. After December 31, the freebie will only be available in the print book anticipated to come out sometime next summer.

Donya Lynne is the author of the award winning All the King's Men Series and a member of Romance Writers of America. Making her home in a wooded suburb north of Indianapolis with her husband, Donya has lived in Indiana most of her life and knew at a young age that she was destined to be a writer. She started writing poetry in grade school and won her first short story contest in fourth grade. In junior high, she began writing romantic stories for her friends, and by her sophomore year, they had dubbed her Most Likely to Become a Romance Novelist. In 2012, she made that dream come true by publishing her first two novels and two novellas. Her work has earned her two IPPYs, one gold and one silver, as well as two eLit Awards, also one gold and one silver. Donya has many more novels and novellas planned for years to come.

Please welcome the very prolific, Lacey Thorn.
We're celebrating her latest release, Saving the Beast. 
As we head into 2015, what is one thing you have learned as a writer this year?  I learn new things every day. I think most of us do. If there is one certainty in this crazy world of writing, it is that everything changes! LOL

Very true, I've only been writing a short time and already, I've see some exciting changes. With that in mind, who is one writer, you'd LOVE to have lunch with? I’d love to have lunch with Lori Foster. She is my all time favorite author. I’ve read all of her books and will automatically buy any new book she releases!

Blurb: Saving the Beast
Awakening Pride, Book Four

A Primal Panther...
The injection of a feral virus surges through his veins, trapping him in the skin of his animal. He’s fighting for dominance, struggling not to lose himself to the beast. There’s only one thing that can save him, one person who can help set him free.
A Mate’s Love...
Diane left everything she knew behind to follow the Professor into the unknown. Now, she lives among people she never knew existed and fights daily to keep them alive and healthy. She’s felt a spark with Zane since the day he arrived, but his avoidance leaves her guessing. 

As the virus rages, only the touch of a mate can rescue the man trapped inside, leading Diane down a path she feels ill-prepared to take. If she’s not his mate, Zane might just kill her. If she is, then she’s the only one with a chance at saving the beast.

Buy Links:
Resplendence Publishing:  http://www.resplendencepublishing.com/m8/720-978-1-60735-841-1--saving-the-beast-awakening-pride-book-four-by-lacey-thorn.html

All Romance E-books: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-savingthebeastawakeningpridebookfour-1697150-340.html
Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/Saving-Interracial-Shifter-Romance-Awakening-ebook/dp/B00QVMHJ78/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1418318262&sr=8-1&keywords=saving+the+beast+lacey+thorn
Barnes & Noble:  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/saving-the-beast-lacey-thorn/1120890051?ean=2940149904914

“Shhh,” Diane crooned, running her hands over the panther with no fear. His mate had found her courage, and it made his chest swell with pride. “I’m right here, Zane,” she whispered, nuzzling her nose into the beast’s fur. “I’m right here, and I’m not going anywhere without you.”
He felt it the moment his beast found peace and stilled inside him. It was as if a switch flipped and all that had been holding Zane trapped within was gone. The fire in his blood still raged, but the animal was no longer fighting. The growl of the cat was replaced with the groan of the man as Zane shifted into his human skin for the first time since being hit with a needle in the basement storage room by Dillon, the young shifter who’d come with Lydia Blane. The man would pay for what he’d stolen from Zane and Diane—time for gentleness and seduction.
“Diane,” he grunted. He shuffled as much as his control would allow him. He was sprawled naked across her, his weight pinning her to the ground beneath him.
She moved, her hands frantically touching him. His face, his shoulders, his chest and down his sides. Soft fingers stroking fire across his skin and igniting lust already at explosive levels. It took every ounce of will he held to keep his hands planted beside her, holding his body mere inches from hers.
“You’re here,” she sobbed. “I was so worried about you. I thought you were gone. I thought I’d lost you before I even had you.”
He shoved up, pushing himself farther away from her. He was panting with the effort required. Then she grabbed him, capturing his shoulders and pulling him back down to her.
“Don’t go,” she begged softly, and her voice was ripe with fear. “Don’t leave me. I want to be your mate. I want everything. I want it all with you.”
Did she have any idea what she was doing to him? He was trying to give himself time to temper the beast. He wasn’t walking away. He couldn’t. Not with the sweet smell of her need filling his senses. He’d been searching for a gentleness that eluded him.
“Zane,” she pleaded and lifted up into him.
He felt the soft stroke of her tongue over his neck and any control he’d deluded himself into believing he might possess disappeared. She moaned against his skin and undulated beneath him. He felt the tight points of her nipples, felt the heat of her sex against his thigh and was lost. Need tore through him. He heard her gasp as their gazes finally collided and held and knew his eyes were glowing with the primal ferocity that roared in his body.
“Mine,” he growled, lowering his head and skimming his elongated canines over the soft skin of her throat.
She whimpered, but it wasn’t fear he smelled rolling off her. It was lust and need.
“Mine,” he told her again.
“Yes,” she groaned in agreement. “Yours. All yours.”
And she sealed her fate.
“I’m going to claim you, Diane. I’m going to strip you naked, spread your legs and fuck you until neither of us can move. I’m going to take you hard and fast. I’m going to take you slow and easy. I’m going to fuck you, make love to you then fuck you again. My cock will feel the slick walls of your pussy and the velvet smoothness of your lips. I’ll mark you in every way I can. God help us if this isn’t what you wanted because I can’t stop. The need for you sets my blood on fire even more than the fever does.”
“It’s okay,” she whispered. “I want all of you, any way I can have you.”
“From this moment on, you belong to me and only me. No other man will ever touch you or I will tear him apart with my bare hands. Your joy will become my joy just as your pain will be my pain. Do you understand this?”
Diane nodded, but he sensed something, an uncertainty.
“What is it?” he demanded.
“I’m to be yours. What about you? Will you be mine?”

He smiled, letting her see the full brunt of what he felt on his face. “My dear, sweet mate, I’ve been yours since the moment I first laid eyes on you. I knew the first time I saw you that you were my mate. No other woman will ever hold me as you do.”

Lacey's BIO:  I’ve been an avid reader all my life but didn’t start writing until 2006. My first book released in Feb of 2007, and I recently published my 58th book! I’m a proud mom of three amazing kids who keep my life interesting. I understand how overwhelming things can be, especially the never ending to do list. I write to escape for a bit and invite you to join me! It’s your world...unlaced.
Author Links:
Website: http://lacythorn.com/
Blog:  http://unlacedwithlaceythorn.blogspot.com/
Facebook Author Page:  https://www.facebook.com/authorlaceythorn
Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lacey-Thorn/399809106816513
Google+ :  https://plus.google.com/+LaceyThorn/posts
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/LaceyThorn1




Today I'm celebrating the release of 
My contemporary romance with a jagged edge. 
Preorder here:

I'm also talking Water's Threshold. Sign up for your chance to win a signed paperback copy and Green Moose fridge magnet giveaway here:

I'm also talking about something very important in my writing career-Author Collaboration.

Please welcome,
 LaNora Mangano.
  A Dad for Christmas is the perfect read for the holidays. 

Hey Lanora, thanks for stopping by the moose cave.

Hi Jillian,
Thanks for having me here today!

One trait you share with your heroine in this book?
I wrote this book specifically for the trait that she and I share in this book.  My heroine, Samantha Brooks, is a widow and has two kids.  She lost her husband to cancer five years before the book starts and she is just trying to get through each day making the best decisions she can for the sake of raising her kids alone.  I understand the fears and uncertainty of her plight as I recently lost my own husband due to cancer.  However, at the time I wrote this book, my husband was still battling his disease and it was then that I attempted to subconsciously, write a happy ending.  I hope I succeeded in writing a satisfying story.
One thing you have learned as a writer this year? 
This year was a tough year, I hate to say, but if I've learned anything, it's that I need to honor my soul before I can honor my writing with any real conviction.

One writer, you'd LOVE to have lunch with?
I would love to have lunch with Catherine Mann.  I've had the pleasure of meeting Cathy several times but each time it's just never enough to really sit and talk.  She is so warm and genuine and so interesting that I would love to chat for hours while having lunch at a restaurant on the ocean (She lives near an ocean).   

Blurb:  A Dad for Christmas 
Samantha Brooks became a widow at the point in her life where she was convinced life was just about to hit her stride.  Facing the facts that every decision she made from that point forward, would have to be one that had her children's best interest at heart, which is why she was relocating to Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin to accept an Elementary Principals position.
With kids and the family dog in tow they move next door to the town's celebrity Billy Baker, high school hockey Legend, professional hockey sensation, and the town's hockey coach for the youth travel team.  
Both Billy and Sam were content with life as it was but when their lives slowly began to entwine, they found themselves on a collision course to love.
The best present Sam's kids could get was a Loving Dad for Christmas.

LaNora Mangano Bio:
I am a mother, a wife, a daughter and sister, active in volunteering, a writer and a friend.  Not necessarily in that order, though.  I was born and raised on the South side of Chicago, Illinois during my early years then moved to the suburbs and lived there until my husband and our children relocated to central Indiana.  I’ve been exposed to many personality types and several interesting situations.  All of which provided opportunities to create heroes, heroines, villains and fictional towns to place my creations.

I started reading romance novels in high school when a friend introduced me to a Harlequin book. I thought  it was so refreshing that I bought another one, then another one and read them every spare moment I had. This was also around the time I developed a passion to write my own stories and I’ve been writing ever since.

I write romantic suspense, contemporaries and paranormal romance. Half of my novels are part of a 3-6 book series. 

Feel free to follow me at:
email -  Lanora.mangano@yahoo.com
Facebook is http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004742172011
website - http://jeanne1965.wix.com/finding-lanora#!bio/c1ktj



Friday Celebration


Friday, December 12th, I'll be celebrating a fantastic year with my Juicebox Dialogues pals. Not only that, I'll reveal my new Contemporary, Ember's Center. Then, on Saturday, I'll be hanging with my Indiana Romance Writers of America friends. Thanks to everyone for their support in 2014. And watch out because my mantra for 2015 is Author Collaboration. 
Happy Holidays!