A Hollywood starlet fearlessly prepares for danger but finds herself unprepared for the perils of love.

On the big screen Sheridan Bennett’s got the face of an angel and the body of a…well, isn’t that what’s expected of an award-winning actress? But there’s something about her Clayton Kincaid can’t quite figure. The former Ranger is transitioning from local police detective to private investigator, and Sheridan Bennett is one case he’d like to solve.

Sheridan knows her luck has taken a turn for the worse when her criminal father appears in the middle of a police fundraiser. Not only that, the one man capable of uncovering her secrets witnesses her distress. Her idyllic life falls apart as her father’s demands for money escalate and a stalker begins a menacing game.

Determined to keep Sheridan safe, Clayton works his way into her life and her heart. But when Sheridan learns Clayton has secrets of his own, she decides to face the fight alone. Undeterred by Sheridan’s belief in his deception, Clayton uses all his resources when the path of her notorious father and her stalker converge.

Together they must learn that the spotlight shines brightest when it’s shared, and that not all love is an act. 

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