<![CDATA[Jillian Jacobs -Romance Author <br />Take a Romantic Adventure. - Do these antlers make my BLOG look big?]]>Sun, 27 May 2018 10:08:46 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[66 gone so why isn't it enough?]]>Sun, 27 May 2018 15:29:58 GMThttp://jillianjacobs.com/do-these-antlers-make-my-blog-look-big/66-gone-so-why-isnt-it-enoughI've decided to share some photos of my journey as much as maybe inspiration for you as well as for myself. In the first photo, I was happy with life. I was trying to lose weight, thought I was eating right, and exercising. But apparently, I wasn't doing something right because until I joined Weight Watchers it didn't compute that I was doing healthy living the wrong way (for me). And now that I'm down 66 pounds, I feel a lot of pressure to keep the weight off, to keep losing, and to eat less to get to my goal weight of 141. 
I don't know why I can't look at where I am and say, oh, good job. Maybe it's because the weight loss hasn't sunk in yet, maybe I'm embarrassed I was so heavy to begin with (when I'm really not) or maybe it's just the mental pressure to lose weight each time I go to the Tuesday morning Weight Watchers meeting. 
For the past two weeks, I've been determined to hit a goal weight of 160 and I'm hovering at 163 and just seem stuck here. I like 163. I feel healthy. It's a good weight for me, but I need to lose about 25 more pounds. 
So, in order to do that, I have to really focus. I'm giving myself until September 11th to hit my goal weight of 141, because it seems the more I lose, the harder I have to fight to get the weight off. Not to mention keeping it off. 
It's time to shake off the in-a-funk feeling of I haven't lost enough and focus on where I want to be and why I want to be there. 
I've got lots of people rooting for me, including myself and the fight to stay as healthy as possible mentally and physically will continue. 
But the struggle is real and sometimes you just need to write it out, because you never know when someone else might be feeling the same....
<![CDATA[Lisa Caviness Cover Reveal of Order of Rage]]>Wed, 09 May 2018 18:04:30 GMThttp://jillianjacobs.com/do-these-antlers-make-my-blog-look-big/lisa-caviness-cover-reveal-of-order-of-rage
When chance brings you together, will rage tear you apart?
Dr. Carson Maxwell grew up with the best of everything. But all isn't what it seems…
Five years ago, Carson escaped the clutches of her family's insidious organization, The Order, and carefully crafted a new life in Boston, untouched by the imperious control of her past. When she witnesses a random crime the ensuing media spotlight shatters her carefully constructed façade. Running is no longer an option. Instead, she must turn toward her past and fight. Complicating matters, is her unexpected attraction to a handsome FBI agent.
Adam Forrester, FBI agent, has two goals: catch the elusive Birthday Killer who is viciously murdering Bostonian women and rise in the ranks of the Bureau. But when he meets Carson Maxwell, his life and his heart careen off course. Danger surrounding this secretive woman bleeds into his own life, delivering fresh threats and the one woman who tore apart his life.
As danger builds, Carson and Adam head to Miami and into the clutches of those bent on destroying them. To survive, they must risk everything, including their lives and their hearts.
Now Available for Pre-Order at the introductory price of 99 Cents!
Release Date: June 2, 2018

<![CDATA[$5 Writers On The River GA Sale $5]]>Mon, 30 Apr 2018 12:25:48 GMThttp://jillianjacobs.com/do-these-antlers-make-my-blog-look-big/5-writers-on-the-river-ga-sale-5$5 bucks! $5 bucks!! Who says $5 can't buy much these days?? Throughout the month of MAY, you can get the hottest ticket in town for just $5 bucks! Meet Authors, Buy Books and Support a Great Cause!
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Writers On The River, is an author signing and book sale, featuring 80+ authors at the Par-A-Dice Hotel, in East Peoria, Illinois on Saturday, July 21st 2018. New York Times and USA Today best sellers will be in attendance. Hosted by Healing With Words. General admission begins at 1pm. Event ends at 4pm.
$5 General admission tickets are available on the website throughout May only! Grab yours now! YOU MUST USE DISCOUNT CODE: WOTR18
Facebook is not affiliated with this giveaway. Winner will be chosen from WOTR FB page pinned post and announced on June 1st at 6pm EST

<![CDATA[WW Breakfast alternative]]>Mon, 30 Apr 2018 12:25:01 GMThttp://jillianjacobs.com/do-these-antlers-make-my-blog-look-big/ww-breakfast-alternative
<![CDATA[Foods on WW plan]]>Wed, 25 Apr 2018 12:43:22 GMThttp://jillianjacobs.com/do-these-antlers-make-my-blog-look-big/foods-on-ww-planHere is one of the meals I enjoy on the Weight Watchers plan that is very low points. I always kind of giggle when I watch Oprah (who is their spokesperson) make meals with like items fresh from her garden that a gal from central Indiana with crappy dirt doesn't have. And no--settle down, I'm not dissing her. I'm just saying the average person on WW doesn't have access to fresh from garden or a personal chef, etc... we do what we can with what we can find. Basically I should call this series: How to survive on Weight Watchers when you hate to cook and have no plans whatsoever to ever make fancy meals because you HATE TO COOK! Can you tell I don't like to cook? Hence the easy meal video I've just added. Enjoy! 
I also have a YouTube channel called Juicebox Dialogues that I plan on adding more WW videos to and a few video book reviews and whatever else floats my boat. Why not do what the cook kids are doing? Wait, are the cool kids still uploading YouTube videos? I don't know! I'm 45! 
<![CDATA[How I got to 60...]]>Wed, 18 Apr 2018 12:43:03 GMThttp://jillianjacobs.com/do-these-antlers-make-my-blog-look-big/how-i-got-to-60​At 45 years old, I’d pretty much given up on ever losing weight. I got married at 26, and I weighed 140 at the time, but that was the last time I was ever that small. Since then, I’ve always been between 206 and 216.
Until…My mom and my older sister went on Weight Watchers. They didn’t exercise and yet each week they lost weight. Now this was very frustrating, as I thought I was eating right and I worked out faithfully.
Apparently, I was doing the healthy living thing all wrong.
So, in tears, I went to my Mom and said, “HELP!” She agreed to pay for Weight Watchers for a year, which is a huge incentive to actually follow the plan.
So I signed up on September 11th, 2017 weighing 230.2 and I followed the plan. I went to meetings. I tracked my food on the app.
And I started losing.
During the first month, I’ll admit I was very hungry a lot of the time. I decided to basically give up everything white for the duration of the healthy eating plan. Whites meaning: white bread, sugar, salt, pasta, rice, cheese, dairy. I have not had a glass of milk since September. I rarely eat cheese. And what makes the no white easier, is I have a bit of a stomach upset if I eat white breads or pastas.
I do not eat red meat because it gives me horrendous gas bubbles that when they come out smell as if something died in my ass. Even though, I love steak, I simply can’t eat it anymore because those bubbles can be excruciating.
One thing I’d like to note is I didn’t exercise until February. I’d had a surgery last July so I was giving my body time to heal. From September to February with no exercise, I lost 44 pounds. I started Title Boxing classes basically for mental health. I like hitting the bag instead of people, keeps me out of jail.
I’ll continue to post about what I am doing, as it’ll be incentive for me to continue staying on plan, as well.
During the eight months, I’ve been on Weight Watchers, I’ve only gained weight back twice, which really is a downer, let me tell ya. After I lost fifty, I sort of went on a celebration spree too, but didn’t gain any, just wasn’t losing as much per week. On average, I’ve lost 1.9lbs a week, which is normal, which is healthy. I do feel as if the Title Boxing classes are helping with my weight loss and toning me. And I do work a part-time job where I have to stand and move around for 4-5 hours at a time that helps with calorie burning too.
Although, I should probably get endorsement fees, I’ll go ahead and say, give Weight Watchers a try. Is it easy? No. Do you have to change how you eat? Yes. Do you have to plan your food schedule? Yes.
And finally, you have to be willing to actually follow the plan.
But, I can’t tell you how much of a relief it is to finally, finally, after twenty years of trying to find something that actually works. I’m at 170.2 right now, 60lbs lost, with 30 pounds to go.
I’m here if you have any questions. And in next week’s post, I’ll talk about what foods I’ve found that work for me. 
<![CDATA[EARTH DAY SALE! SAVE $7!!]]>Mon, 16 Apr 2018 13:19:18 GMThttp://jillianjacobs.com/do-these-antlers-make-my-blog-look-big/earth-day-sale-save-7
Escape with Maya, Terran, Flint, and Nodin as they fight for the preservation of Earth and its inhabitants while discovering the most elemental thing of all—love. 

ONLY 99 cents! A $7.00 savings for three full length books!!





<![CDATA[Why my heart belongs to Writers On The River...]]>Sun, 08 Apr 2018 16:28:18 GMThttp://jillianjacobs.com/do-these-antlers-make-my-blog-look-big/why-my-heart-belongs-to-writers-on-the-riverThe author world can be a wonderful place. Very kind. Very giving. The Writers On The River/Healing With Words mission has always been to provide authors with a platform to showcase their gifts. We understand how hard the entire writing process can be from beginning to end-the doubt, the fears, and the hope that your words will help a reader escape for a time. And isn’t that what reading is about? An escape. And what about those who can’t escape? How can we help them?
We support them with Healing With Words. Let’s show everyone how a group of authors can come together and use their words not only for each other but for those in situations made up of our very nightmares. If you’re a part of the #WOTR18 event, then you’re a part of a family with a very specific mission, and we ask that you share that with everyone because we couldn’t do this event without you.
Visit www.writersontheriver.weebly.com today!
And speaking of understanding, no one understand more than I do, the heart of Angie, of Anya, of Melinda, who every day, and I do mean every day, work on Writers of The River in some way, shape, or form. Without their giving hearts this event would not be the success it is.
<![CDATA[Writers On The River 2018 info]]>Sat, 17 Mar 2018 15:49:30 GMThttp://jillianjacobs.com/do-these-antlers-make-my-blog-look-big/writers-on-the-river-2018-info
Writers On The River, an author signing and book sale, will feature 80+ romance authors at the Par-A-Dice Hotel, 21 Blackjack Blvd in East Peoria on Saturday, July 21st, 2018. New York Times and USA Today best sellers will be in attendance. This event is hosted by Healing With Words. General admission entry will begin at 1pm. Event ends at 4pm. Tickets are available on the website and will be available for sale on day of event.
In 2016, the author event, WOTR raised $1,500 for Thistle Farms. In 2017, WOTR raised, $5,200 for Thistle Farms and $2,800 for The Center for Prevention of Abuse in Peoria, IL. WOTR proceeds will once again benefit these two charities in their fight against trafficking.
Healing With Words is a (501c3) not for profit established for healing survivors of abuse, addiction, trafficking, and prostitution. We feel the best way to spread love is to share the love of reading. Through the written word, persons can find an escape and a form of entertainment. Our mission is to bring together readers, authors, and survivors in a positive manner that affects change and relief from negative influences.
<![CDATA[Clayton's Star Oscars Sale]]>Wed, 28 Feb 2018 13:34:08 GMThttp://jillianjacobs.com/do-these-antlers-make-my-blog-look-big/claytons-star-oscars-salePicture
I've rolled out the red carpet for Clayton's Star. 
99 cents for a limited time!

A Hollywood starlet fearlessly prepares for danger but finds herself unprepared for the perils of love.

On the big screen Sheridan Bennett’s got the face of an angel and the body of a…well, isn’t that what’s expected of an award-winning actress? But there’s something about her Clayton Kincaid can’t quite figure. The former Ranger is transitioning from local police detective to private investigator, and Sheridan Bennett is one case he’d like to solve.

Sheridan knows her luck has taken a turn for the worse when her criminal father appears in the middle of a police fundraiser. Not only that, the one man capable of uncovering her secrets witnesses her distress. Her idyllic life falls apart as her father’s demands for money escalate and a stalker begins a menacing game.

Determined to keep Sheridan safe, Clayton works his way into her life and her heart. But when Sheridan learns Clayton has secrets of his own, she decides to face the fight alone. Undeterred by Sheridan’s belief in his deception, Clayton uses all his resources when the path of her notorious father and her stalker converge.

Together they must learn that the spotlight shines brightest when it’s shared, and that not all love is an act.

B&N: http://bit.ly/BNClaytonsStar

AMZ: http://amzn.to/2hzLIrB

iBooks: http://bit.ly/iBooksClaytonsStar

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/clayton-s-star