In celebration of my web-site build, I visited Rene's Bakery this morning. How else would I celebrate, but by eating yummy pastries. I also visited Perk-Up and learned the difference between a latte and a cappuccino. The helpful fella made me realize I should have been ordering lattes all along. He even added a pretty leaf to my to-go cup. I thought the pastry looked especially tasty adorning up my polish pottery. I need a mug with a moose though. I have a polish pottery ornament with moose. Another trip to Monticello, IL is obviously in order.




Robyne Harris
02/22/2014 7:11pm

That's a yummy looking picture. That sure puts me in the mood for things I shouldn't eat!

Jennifer Hill
02/23/2014 12:37pm

I wanted to see the pretty leaf the barista left on your cup.

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