A recent discussion gave me cause to consider which writer would bring about an over-the-top fan-girl moment. Hands down, Karen Marie Moning.

Her Highlander series represents everything I love about romance. And then there's To Tame a Highland Warrior, one of my all time favorite reads. It does help that the heroine is named Jillian, of course. But the hero, *sigh* the hero is a Berserker. So hot. I think we need a whole Berserker genre.

This fan-girl moment continues into World Building with KMM's "Fever Series". The world is gritty, hard, lusty, everything that keeps you reading through six books to get to the HEA. Six!

So here is a picture of my "Mac-halo" in homage to KMM's "Fever Series" World Building abilities. I'm wearing this during Saturday's IRWA chapter meeting. Got to fight off the Shades while Cheryl Brooks teaches our group how to do some World Building of our own.



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