Mistaken Identity


My husband Googled my name and was quite surprised with the gal who popped up under Jillian Jacobs. She is a young blonde who has no trouble exhibiting her body--her nude body--in various X-rated poses. Sorry folks, that’s not me. While it might be nice to have her figure, I enjoy things like bread, chocolate, mac and cheese, you know, food in general. Still, I say good for her. Work with what God gave you. She is blonde so maybe I’ll just roll with the mistaken identity. Obviously, I need to work on optimizing my website identity, which I have no clue how to do. Any ideas?

Speaking of my identity, I wonder how much my love of Polish pottery comes from being Polish. As you can see, earlier this week I went a little crazy at Out of the Blue Pottery in Monticello, IL. But hey, a girl needs pretty dishes.

One more thing:

Congratulations on being one of the finalists in the Women's Fiction category in the Chicago-North Fire & Ice Contest. This sentence in regards to my Paranormal, Water's Threshold, made my day, my month, my year. After spending a year working on writing craft, I’m proud of this accomplishment. Writing romance is very, very, very hard. I’m more comfortable with the “rules” now, though. I like the direction my stories are heading. I just wish there were more quiet hours in my day to write.

So while my identity is not popular in search engines right now, I’m hoping someday Ms. Moose will overtake Ms. Naked in popularity. Doubtful but who knows?




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