I started writing in April 2013. Since then I’ve discovered many wonderful authors.

Check out this list:

Just One More Breath – Leigha Lewis

Heartless- Vanessa Marie

Fighting for Flight- JB Salsbury

The Valentine’s Arrangement- Kelsie Leverich

Rouge- Leigh T.Moore

Angel After Dark- Kahlen Aymes

Love TKO – Selene Chardou

The Infamous Ellen James- N.A. Alcorn

Acts of Desperation- Emerson Shaw

Last Chance to Run- Dianna Love

Cheryl Brooks- Unrivaled

Aleatha Romig- Consequences

Sandy James- Turning Thirty Twelve

Judie Aitken- Distant Echoes

James Cangany- Fallen Star

Mellanie Szereto – Love Served Hot

Liz Flaherty- One More Summer

Nan Reinhardt - Once More from the Top

Donya Lynne- Entire AKM series – Rise of the Fallen

Brenda Maxfield- Someday You’ll Laugh

Linda Morris- The Mason Dixon Line

Delena Silverfox- Devil’s Bitch

LaNora Mangano- Love over Troubled Waters

Traci Douglass- Seal of Destiny

Jeana E. Mann -Intoxicated

J.J. Devine- The Cheyenne Bride

A Hunka Hunka Nursing Love- Kathryn Maeglin

Three More:

Kate Roth -Sway

Joan Duszynski- In the Stars

Britni Hill-Hushed

If I missed you on this list, I’m sorry. Feel free to leave a comment, and I’ll add you to my TBR list.

By November 2014, I hope to join these wonderful writers on your reading list. My very first release is from my Elementals series titled, Water’s Threshold, which is an eco-paranormal/contemporary/romantic suspense all rolled into one. Followed by the next in the series, Flint’s Field.

Between those two, I hope to self-publish the first in my "The Other Guys" contemporary series based on a pro-football team’s Offensive Line and their lady loves. The first is Ember’s Center.




06/01/2014 5:58pm

Hey, Jill, thanks for including me on your shelf!

06/02/2014 5:37am

You are very welcome. Feel free to add any others to the list. I actually have two Liz Flaherty books on my Kindle. The other is A Soft Place to Fall. Pretty quilts on the cover.

06/03/2014 12:42pm

Awesome list! Thanks for including me. Now go get your book published so we can all add you to ours. :)

06/03/2014 3:26pm

I'm reading through what I hope will be my first self-pub release this week.

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