Happy Halloween. I thought I'd share my new little writing friend. I have a bunch of these cute little creatures due to my yearly visits to the Parke County Covered Bridge Festival. 
In case I hadn't mentioned it before, I have an awesome paranormal coming out on 11-11-14. I'd like to thank Tia Catalina and Donya Lynne for helping format and prepare, Water's Threshold for your reading pleasure. 
In preparation for my first release, I'm contemplating all forms of marketing. I've been in advertising since graduating college so you would think my path would be straightforward. Nope. Although, some very kind writers have agreed to host me on their blogs. So look for those blog visits coming soon. 
Also, for your viewing pleasure, a group of Indiana writers have gathered together on various occasions to shoot videos. Visit the Juicebox Dialogues on YouTube. Donya Lynne, Aleatha Romig, J.J. Devine, Lisa Caviness, Tia Catalina, LaNora Mangano, Ava Cuvay, and I star in this fun videos.

As a prelude to Halloween, enjoy this excerpt from Quint, my dark matter villian. Be careful, he's looking for human hosts. Could you contain him? 

With a not-so-gentle mental nudge, Quint used his powers to compel his host’s mind. “Sit down. It’s time for me to explain your situation.”

Crowder crumpled into the accompanying chair, hand at his throat, eyes wide as he stared at Quint.

“I will fix this problem for you, Crowder. Although not in the way you may wish. You see, I must take on many different personas to accomplish my goals. I could stay as I am for a few more months, but I tire of looking at the same face day after day and signs of strain are beginning to appear.” He sniffed and straightened the cuff of his jacket. “Plus, I find your position, and of course, the fact you’re worth millions, extremely appealing. Your status in life is conducive with my future plans.” Quint sighed and reached into his jacket pocket for his vibrating phone.

Interruptions during playtime irritated.

He read the text then took his time responding.

Attention once more on Crowder, he inquired, “Do you know what dark matter is? No one really does. Does it repel or is it a gravitational force
? Never seen, never detected. You see, Crowder, I cannot exist without coming here and grasping what I can of this world, of its people. I stay on this plane to be acknowledged. To live. You humans act as if you are the center of the universe, but you don’t even make up five percent.”

Quint laughed upon detecting a pitiful wave of resistant energy flowing from Crowder as he tried to escape the dark prison of mental and physical control.

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Quint continued, “And yet I have to debase myself with humans in order to breathe. I suffer to endure your skin. I find regular human hosts aren’t enough, but I’m getting there. Very soon, I’ll have the one who can sustain me forever. No longer will I have to feed off weak tits like you.”

More to come: 11-11-14



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