My lovely sister was kind enough to venture to Lake Union where a pivotal scene occurs in Water's Threshold. Please enjoy the following excerpt:

Job done, she could return to Terran. Relief and anticipation rushed through her along with a strong dose of happiness. She ran along the trail, exulting in the misty drizzle fanning across her face. She breathed it in, enjoying every particle soaking her skin. Two-dinosaur topiary seemed to laugh at her frolics, the glow from their ornamental eyes sparkling as she ran past.
Ahead was a break in the trees, and she ran for it, ready to plunge into the lake. A short trail led down to the retaining wall, and she leapt off.
A vice squeezed around her throat and wrenched her out of the air. The force propelled her against the water’s edge lined with blackberry bushes that scratched and tore as she tumbled. Her body remained out of her control when, once again, she was lifted right before she rolled into the water. An unforgiving energy slammed her onto the boulders hidden just beneath the lake’s surface along shore. The bones in her back crushed on impact. Darkness threatened, pain seared down her spine, and then he stood above her.
With every ounce of power left, she screamed for Nodin to return. Save me.
Now that she'd found her true mate, she refused to die. She blinked against the vacuum of emptiness threatening to overtake her.
Water. Her ravaged body half-rested in the liquid perpetuator of her life force. But was it enough to save her?
What would Quint do now that she was at his mercy?



10/27/2014 10:31am

Whoa! What an excerpt!

11/04/2014 9:15am

Thanks to Cathy and Liz for your comments. Glad you enjoyed the excerpt. Maya's in a ton of trouble!

10/27/2014 11:02am

Unusually compelling excerpt! Love the dinosaur-shaped bush! Jurassic Park is a family favorite.

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