PictureStanding: Vanessa, Marie, Donya Lynne, Jillian Jacobs Sitting: Lora Ann Russell, Tia Catalina
Shorthand version of what I learned at Queen City Indie Con:
  • Mark My Words blog tours
  • PicMonkey
  • Animoto Trailers
  • PR buddies- combo up Swag expenses/photo site purchasing with pals
  • What are your goals as a writer? What are your motivations as a writer?
  • Marketing- blogs, trailers
  • Use your books as a marketing tool. Include tons of info at front and back
  • Open your book to other authors, add their excerpt to your book.
  • Host street team parties
  • Make your readers feel special
  • Leftover swag? Send to Leena’s Goodie Room or Book Clubs
  • Snapchat for YA readers
  • Rewards for loyal readers instead of free.
  • Add short story to end of book
  • Book bub- use for series only, try in June and September-(off-season)
  • Box sets could hurt individual book sales
  • Kindle Chats
  • Twitter parties
  • Scrivener
  • Connect your Facebook and Twitter feed to your web-page
  • Don’t make your hero perfect (the heroine needs to fix him)
  • Prepare for bloggers by having character interview and author interviews done for each book release. 
  • Send free books to bloggers in exchange for reviews only.
  • Utopyacon.com- Paranormal book event 
  • Delphina Reads Too Much- blogger, reviewer, beta reader
  • Seedlings Design Studio- Book Cover and promotional design

There were over 40 authors signing at the Queen City Indie Con Event. I did not have a chance to meet them all. Tia Catalina, Donya Lynne, and Aleatha Romig were also at the event. Plus I picked up the next books in a series I enjoy by Tia Louise. I also got to reconnect with Vanessa Marie, who has a book releasing on 11-11, also. Yea! If your name isn't on the list and you would like me to check out your books, leave a comment and I will. 

Authors I’m going to check out:
Tara Sivec
Samantha Young
Mia Sheridan
T.A. Kunz
Adam Kunz
Erin Moss Holzman
S. K. Logsdon
Amy A. Bartol
Elizabeth Sharp
J. Laslie
S.J. McGran
Esther M. Soto
Kassandra Kush
Amy Miles
Melissa Toppen
S. C. Russell
M. R. Polish
Bryna Butler
Bayli Lane
Delphina Henley
Misty Provencher
Jayne Rylon

For a complete list of authors go to QueenCityIndieCon.com. I will be referring back to the list for new authors to read, time and again.



LaNora Mangano
10/27/2014 8:36pm

Great blog full of much needed advice.
Thank you for sharing.

11/04/2014 9:16am

Thanks LaNora.

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