PictureReady to cross that Threshold?
Almost two years have passed, since I decided to become an author. As I prepare for my first paranormal release, Water's Threshold, I have only a few hopes.
  • I hope you will enjoy the story. 
  • I hope you finish thinking, wow, that was fantastic!
  • I hope you believe reading my words was time well spent. 
  • I hope you'll purchase more books. 
  • I hope, if you leave a review, I'll learn from your comments. 

I'm not looking for anything other than providing readers with a momentary escape. So, enjoy the elemental world I've created, and know there are more stories to come. 



Tia Catalina
11/05/2014 9:14pm

You have a great story and it will do well once it is offered for sale. Good luck!

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