Shiny Surprise


I attended the Indiana Romance Writers of America's annual retreat for my second year this weekend. All around fabulous event (except for the Createspace workshop-that was a hair puller). But, the most lovely part was winning the IRWA Service Award. I was in a bit of a sleep deprivation coma after a late night spent chatting with the girls, and I don't feel I truly expressed my gratitude. So, let me publicly do so,thanks IRWA. The service I give to you, and all the authors I now call friends, is all a part of paying back all this group has done for my own writing career. Mellanie Szereto and Tia Catalina deserve awards for the parts they play behind the scenes, as well.
In my gratitiude for them, let me do what I do best. 
Here is Tia's romantic suspense, Blue Falcon:
Mellanie's latest, Just Desserts:



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