My 2015 “Moose” Mantra- Author Collaboration
As a relatively new writer, I’ve relied on more seasoned authors to direct me down the right and WRITE road. To aid with this, I co-developed a local author sub-group called the Juicebox Dialogues. This group was created in order to share and promote author news. I would encourage every author to surround themselves with a crew of like-minded people. You’ll be amazed at free flow of information. Sometimes you just have questions, and knowing there are others who are willing to answer, relieves a lot of strain in an already overwhelming writer world. 
With that in mind, here are some of the focal points of our group that I feel can be of benefit.
Share news on all social media outlets. By SHARE, I mean, click that button. It’s very easy to do. 
Like each other’s posts- sometimes it’s the little things
Read each other’s books-sometimes it’s the big things. I get a thrill out of just knowing someone is reading my book. Like the content or not, at least they put forth the effort.
Post reviews- this should actually be Number #1
Include excerpts by other authors at the back of your books- I recently did this with an author friend, since we both write romantic suspense. 
Attend local author events even if you’re not signing. For example, book signings, writer conferences, and library events- BE PRESENT!
Beta read
At book signing’s, with each book purchase, give the buyer additional swag from your author friends
 Combine advertising dollars, nationally and/or locally for traditional advertising, like Romantic Times or a local publication. 
For more expensive swag items split the cost with various authors, like mugs or cloth bags 
Host authors on your blog
Host brainstorming sessions
Volunteer within your RWA chapter
Like author pages on Amazon, Facebook, Goodreads, etc….
Write novellas together and/or package books together
Visit and comment on blog posts 
Share your experiences when you try something new, like a Bookbub ad or a new blogger
Develop and submit RWA Conference workshops together
Post photos from author events – show readers your camaraderie
Video blogging

What kinds of author collaborations have you done? Were they successful? What ways can we help each other as we move forward in this ever-changing world of romance writing? Do you already have a group of author friends? If so, what fun things do you do to support each other? 
If you’d like, please visit YouTube for some fun videos with my Juicebox Dialogues pals. 
In 2015, my wish is that you’ll find a group of writers who share the same positive spirit. Collaborate today! 



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