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As we head into 2015, what is one thing you have learned as a writer this year?  I learn new things every day. I think most of us do. If there is one certainty in this crazy world of writing, it is that everything changes! LOL

Very true, I've only been writing a short time and already, I've see some exciting changes. With that in mind, who is one writer, you'd LOVE to have lunch with? I’d love to have lunch with Lori Foster. She is my all time favorite author. I’ve read all of her books and will automatically buy any new book she releases!

Blurb: Saving the Beast
Awakening Pride, Book Four

A Primal Panther...
The injection of a feral virus surges through his veins, trapping him in the skin of his animal. He’s fighting for dominance, struggling not to lose himself to the beast. There’s only one thing that can save him, one person who can help set him free.
A Mate’s Love...
Diane left everything she knew behind to follow the Professor into the unknown. Now, she lives among people she never knew existed and fights daily to keep them alive and healthy. She’s felt a spark with Zane since the day he arrived, but his avoidance leaves her guessing. 

As the virus rages, only the touch of a mate can rescue the man trapped inside, leading Diane down a path she feels ill-prepared to take. If she’s not his mate, Zane might just kill her. If she is, then she’s the only one with a chance at saving the beast.

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All Romance E-books: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-savingthebeastawakeningpridebookfour-1697150-340.html
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“Shhh,” Diane crooned, running her hands over the panther with no fear. His mate had found her courage, and it made his chest swell with pride. “I’m right here, Zane,” she whispered, nuzzling her nose into the beast’s fur. “I’m right here, and I’m not going anywhere without you.”
He felt it the moment his beast found peace and stilled inside him. It was as if a switch flipped and all that had been holding Zane trapped within was gone. The fire in his blood still raged, but the animal was no longer fighting. The growl of the cat was replaced with the groan of the man as Zane shifted into his human skin for the first time since being hit with a needle in the basement storage room by Dillon, the young shifter who’d come with Lydia Blane. The man would pay for what he’d stolen from Zane and Diane—time for gentleness and seduction.
“Diane,” he grunted. He shuffled as much as his control would allow him. He was sprawled naked across her, his weight pinning her to the ground beneath him.
She moved, her hands frantically touching him. His face, his shoulders, his chest and down his sides. Soft fingers stroking fire across his skin and igniting lust already at explosive levels. It took every ounce of will he held to keep his hands planted beside her, holding his body mere inches from hers.
“You’re here,” she sobbed. “I was so worried about you. I thought you were gone. I thought I’d lost you before I even had you.”
He shoved up, pushing himself farther away from her. He was panting with the effort required. Then she grabbed him, capturing his shoulders and pulling him back down to her.
“Don’t go,” she begged softly, and her voice was ripe with fear. “Don’t leave me. I want to be your mate. I want everything. I want it all with you.”
Did she have any idea what she was doing to him? He was trying to give himself time to temper the beast. He wasn’t walking away. He couldn’t. Not with the sweet smell of her need filling his senses. He’d been searching for a gentleness that eluded him.
“Zane,” she pleaded and lifted up into him.
He felt the soft stroke of her tongue over his neck and any control he’d deluded himself into believing he might possess disappeared. She moaned against his skin and undulated beneath him. He felt the tight points of her nipples, felt the heat of her sex against his thigh and was lost. Need tore through him. He heard her gasp as their gazes finally collided and held and knew his eyes were glowing with the primal ferocity that roared in his body.
“Mine,” he growled, lowering his head and skimming his elongated canines over the soft skin of her throat.
She whimpered, but it wasn’t fear he smelled rolling off her. It was lust and need.
“Mine,” he told her again.
“Yes,” she groaned in agreement. “Yours. All yours.”
And she sealed her fate.
“I’m going to claim you, Diane. I’m going to strip you naked, spread your legs and fuck you until neither of us can move. I’m going to take you hard and fast. I’m going to take you slow and easy. I’m going to fuck you, make love to you then fuck you again. My cock will feel the slick walls of your pussy and the velvet smoothness of your lips. I’ll mark you in every way I can. God help us if this isn’t what you wanted because I can’t stop. The need for you sets my blood on fire even more than the fever does.”
“It’s okay,” she whispered. “I want all of you, any way I can have you.”
“From this moment on, you belong to me and only me. No other man will ever touch you or I will tear him apart with my bare hands. Your joy will become my joy just as your pain will be my pain. Do you understand this?”
Diane nodded, but he sensed something, an uncertainty.
“What is it?” he demanded.
“I’m to be yours. What about you? Will you be mine?”

He smiled, letting her see the full brunt of what he felt on his face. “My dear, sweet mate, I’ve been yours since the moment I first laid eyes on you. I knew the first time I saw you that you were my mate. No other woman will ever hold me as you do.”

Lacey's BIO:  I’ve been an avid reader all my life but didn’t start writing until 2006. My first book released in Feb of 2007, and I recently published my 58th book! I’m a proud mom of three amazing kids who keep my life interesting. I understand how overwhelming things can be, especially the never ending to do list. I write to escape for a bit and invite you to join me! It’s your world...unlaced.
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