Stripping Science.
As Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal writers there are no true boundaries. With our vivid imaginations, we can create a plethora of creatures and imaginary lands. But where do you get your inspiration? Imagine the story ideas you could develop from the wonders and mysteries of the universe, from science. 
In my first series, The Elementals, my villain is a being composed of dark matter. I stayed close enough to the parameters of physics, while at the same time adding in a little artistic license.
Here’s a pop quiz: What channel offers creative ideas in science? The Science Channel. 
Honestly, I don’t watch much TV, I’d rather read. However, when my husband has on shows like Strip the Cosmos and Through the Wormhole, I am riveted. Although, at the end of each show, I’m generally asking, WHAT?!?! With that in mind, I’d like to conduct a mini-brainstorming session.
Let’s strip down each show on the The Science Channel:
How the Universe Works: Combining expert opinion with extraordinary computer generated imagery; the fascinating series uses modern astronomy to reveal the inner workings of outer space.
Story ideas:
A couple meets at a physics conference and fall in love discussing the wonders of the universe. One gets chosen for a NASA project, but the other doesn’t. That’s not a black hole, but a dark moment.
A man takes the woman he loves to all the doctors, but finds no cure, so he transports them to an alternate universe.
What about a woman in love with a man who only exists every third day of the month in an alternate universe, created through a thin opening on earth, and she has to fight to meet with him each time?
Strip the Cosmos: Stunning CGI animation to strip planets, moons, black holes, stars and galaxies – layer by layer – to solve key mysteries surrounding the origin and destiny of the universe.
Story ideas:
What better place to research a book on relativistic time travel? 
Or a couple existing in two alternate universes- through the Many-Worlds theory. 
What if we had to survive a solar storm? Power surges, blackouts, fried communication satellites. Who would be the heroes?
Worlds Strangest: Explores the odd, the bizarre and the down-right peculiar.
Apparently, through some sort of scientific process, they’ve created this Spider silk skin, which is in fact fortified by spider silk protein. What if a squadron of soldiers had this skin as armor, wouldn’t it be fun to put them up against bad guys? Make them hero’s and heroines. What a great military paranormal idea. 
The Unexplained Files: An unabashed telling of some of the world's best and most baffling true stories.
Story ideas:
What if your hero had an unbelievable story, and couldn’t find love because everyone thought he was crazy, but then someone comes along with a similar story and together they find love. 
What about all those scientists throughout history who were scorned and laughed at over their theories, who loved them, and why? 
Red rain? Super creepy, what if the red rain was some alien species? 
Or sailors who went missing without a trace? Where did they go? 
Dark Matters: This series takes viewers inside the laboratory to profile strange science and expose some of history's most bizarre experiments.
Love the intro to this show, “dramatized stories that some people will find controversial and disturbing” 
Story Ideas:
What if there really were super soldiers, like Captain America, who would they love? Would they hide their gifts? How did they attain these powers? 
Or what about a story on an orphan who’d been used for some sort of brain washing or mind-control experiment? Who would help them find peace? 
Futurescape: A series unveiling incredible mind-blowing discoveries. Each episode explores a different event horizon that will critically alter life as we know it. Telepathy. Colonizing Space. Staying Forever Young. Robot Citizens. 
Story ideas:
What kind of contraptions will we attach to our bodies in the future? 
What kind of romantic relationships will we have? 
Will there be dating sites that pick the perfect partner, but those partners aren’t human, or are they?

So, for your next story, check out the wonders of The Science Channel and someday you just might be featured on, Prophets of Science Fiction. 



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09/04/2015 1:41am

The Science Channel continues to be a good source of information for students. From watching, students can come up with story ideas which we have not even thought of. Sooner than we know, the ideas for science stories will be up there on television or even on the Internet. One thing I have learned is that children’s imaginations are the best.

Brainstorming especially for the subject you've picked, you most likely won't stop at one tempest and covering distinctive perspectives as one lead will prompt another lead. As you experience every one of your leads, you will find the weaknesses and qualities.

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