I'm floating high after 200 Likes on my Facebook page. So I thought I'd celebrate by doing a fun Rafflecopter 2/23/15-3/19/15. At this stage in my writing career, little goals mean the world to me. Thanks for your support. There are many great reads to come! Rafflecopter CLOSED.



Martha Reynolds
02/24/2015 8:45am


02/24/2015 10:28am

Yay! Congrats on hitting 200! :)

A.D. Ellis
02/24/2015 12:21pm

Woohoo! Congrats!!

02/24/2015 1:47pm

Congratulations!! All your hard work is paying off!

Jillian Jacobs
02/24/2015 2:25pm

Thanks! It's one of many milestones for me.

02/24/2015 2:33pm

Congrats!! XOXO <3
You recall I have a ton of affection for that moose, right? :)

Jillian Jacobs
02/24/2015 3:58pm

I kind of like her too! Thanks.

Lori Remenicky
02/24/2015 3:31pm


02/25/2015 8:05am

I think little goals are always important! Congratulations to you--and don't enter me to win. I won recently. :-) See you soon.

Jillian Jacobs
02/25/2015 8:38am

Thanks Liz. You can still enter Rafflecopter if you'd like. Everyone could use a e-book card. Enjoyed the "crush" blog today.

02/25/2015 6:22pm

Congrats. thank you for giveaway

03/01/2015 5:06pm

Hooray for 200! May the next milestone happen just as quickly!

Theresa Hurley
03/04/2015 2:48pm

Thanks for chance!

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