I'm in the process of editing Fire's Field. If you're wondering why writing takes sooooo long. Here's how I work it!
  • I have to come up with a story
  • Then I outline
  • Next, I fill in chapter by chapter aka th
  • I send pieces to critique partners
  • Next beta readers
  • Digging into beta feedback
  • Re-writing major portions and editing
  • Re-read
  • Send to editor
  • Receive edits back
  • Scream with joy and sorrow at same time
  • Dig into editor's comments round #1
  • Comprehend editor's comments round #2
  • Lay in editor's comments round #3
  • Re-read entire piece while asking an awesome beta reader to do the same
  • Re-read again
  • Publish
  • Eat chocolate!



I think that writing always takes so long)

Jillian Jacobs
05/08/2015 10:20pm

It does, indeed. I'm on Book #2 of The O-Line Series now. Mon-Thurs of next week, I'm shutting everything down and writing!

08/11/2015 4:02am

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