Recently a friend pointed out that perhaps I should blog more often, so I’m going to give this a go by blogging about things of interest, writing, books I’ve read, tea, moose, and my health.

To kick this off, each month, I’m going to post a blog about my journey to lose 75 pounds by May 2016.

My problem is I do really well for a while, then slack, then dive into Stouffers Mac and Cheese like I need that cheesy goodness to live.

As a writer, I tend to sit and stare at my computer screen all day, longing for words and awesome books for pour from my fingers. While this does happen mostly, I do need to raise the ole’ blood pressure above two beats per minute, at times.

Here’s my gameplan:

·      I will remove all preconceived notions of what to eat when

·      I will eat more fiber and protein

·      I will drink more water

·      I will remove processed foods

·      I will eat no snacks

·      No food after 7pm

·      Processed whites, like bread and pasta are a no-no

·      Work out at 6:30am every morning- This is where A.D. Ellis and Lisa Caviness majorly influence me


Breakfast- fruit and protein

Lunch -Veg and Protein

Midday- Tea with Protein supplement

Dinner- Soup

I shall not tell how much I currently weigh, but just to be clear, I could go without cheeseburgers for a week and still live for quite a while.

If you’d care to join me on this journey to health, leave a comment below. I’ll check in again on the 27th of June. Cross your fingers I’ll be down by a few pounds, at least. By blogging about this, I’m holding myself accountable to you, dear reader, so I’ll try not to let you or me down. 



05/26/2015 12:58pm

You go girl! Right now I'm trying to gluten free. It's so hard. I love gluten!

Tia Catalina
05/26/2015 7:08pm

I'm in.

05/26/2015 8:25pm

I'm in, too. I'm down 30, but I'm stalled and hungry!

05/26/2015 9:06pm

Oh, boy, now I'm accountable. Let's do this!

05/26/2015 9:51pm

I'm in! I need to drop about 50, but I wouldn't mind just getting another 25 off by Christmas. I'm all in!

05/26/2015 10:23pm

I am beginning phase two of my own journey to health on June 1. I'm going vegetarian, based on the program I'm currently reading about and incorporating into my Clean program, as well as my PCOS program. I've learned that animal protein is one of the worst things we can put into our bodies, so it's "outta here." Let's do this, girl. I'm happy to share the journey with you.

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