UtopYa Con 2015 Takeaways

I have no idea what Whispersync is??

Audio books- Here are a couple things that never occurred to little ole me:

1.     Vision impaired persons use audio books per Librarian 

2.     Many people use while driving because they don’t have time to sit down and read. Busy moms!!

Use Travel guides for research purposes



Audio narrators can be Reviewed on Amazon- some listeners buy books based on the voice they prefer

Send press kit to bookstores to see if they will carry your books.


Don’t over-stuff your swag table. Play games with attendees. Make swag relevant to your series. And be engaging. Make sure all swag has relevant author info

I need to get on Tumblr, Insta-gram, Kik, Snapchat like yesterday. Help me, Jake!

Be genuine in all social media posts. Be relevant to your brand, as well


Rockstar Romance

Enticing Book journey

Net Galley


Ask people to sign up for newsletter in back matter

Club Indie – FB group

Make my author name bigger on my covers




Lisa Caviness
06/22/2015 1:25pm

It sounds like an informative conference. Good post.

06/22/2015 2:01pm

Are you planning on explaining what these things are?

06/22/2015 8:03pm

I have a few travel guides I've used for research. Lots of great stuff I need to look up. But more social media? Someone shoot me.

Cathy Shouse
06/22/2015 8:58pm

I'm with Tia and would like to know how some of this is used. Snapchat is what my grown kids use and I didn't know there was a business purpose.

Jillian Jacobs
06/23/2015 10:23am

I'll be researching these things, as well. There is so much to learn. Yikes.

06/24/2015 11:31pm

I know whispersync synchronizes book locations on different Kindles/Kindle apps. I tend to read on my iPhone in some locations and then switch to my Kindle when I'm sitting for a longer period. This makes sure I'm on the same page no matter which device I'm on. It also synchronizes an ebook with the companion Audible file if you bought both. So I could listen to the audiobook in the car and then pick up my Kindle at home and whispersync will make sure I'm at the correct spot (and then update Audible's location for the next morning's drive).

As for the other stuff, yeah, there's no way I'm getting on those other social platforms. I feel like LRJ had it right when she said marketing she did on one book doesn't work for the next and she's got to figure out a new way to market. In other words, it's voodoo and I'm no priestess.

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