Who would you invite to dinner and why?

Elvis, because he’s Elvis.

My grandmother, because I’d like her to meet my son.

Freddie Mercury, because I love his music, and I’d like to hear the truth of his life.

Lastly, a panel of women throughout time, how did they ever make it? Specifically a few brave gals who survived on their own while their loved ones fought in the Civil War. Women who fought for our right to vote. Women who fought for our health care. A glimpse into their strength and persistence would be fascinating. 



05/02/2017 10:54pm

While this society is still facing a gender discrimination wherein no one was excused, what we can do is to empower everyone and believe in equality. Women who are now playing a huge part in our history should be given so much honor more that they deserve. If we could only see how much sufferings they've been through just for us to live a comfortable lives that we are having right now, we will understand why!

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