I don't know if you watched the show Everybody Loves Raymond, but the show really annoyed me, at times. The fact that Deborah never seemed to win, drove me batty. 
One episode sticks in my mind because it resonates with me every day. Raymond went on some trip or the family did, something, and Deborah left the suitcase on the stairs, waiting for someone to notice and carry it up. Now I work from home, and I do appreciate the fact that my husband works very hard all day, but I find it very humorous when on a weekly basis, I have laundry baskets on the stairs waiting to be carried up, folded, and put away- which I will do no problem. What bugs me is when I carry one up and ask, "Um, didn't you see the baskets on the stairs? Couldn't you have carried one up?" To which the answer is always, "My hands were full." Really?
IT"S A BASKET!! They are made to put things in. They make transport of such objects in your hands easier to carry. 
So, for fun, I've left a basket on the stairs. 
Let's see how long it takes before someone else in this house carries it up without my having to ask. 
Yes, I'm being snarky, but it's also just a tad funny. (in my opinion)
I'll let you know the results soon. We have friends visiting so I'll be forced to carry it up at some point, but let's just see how my laundry challenge goes. 
Luckily the basket doesn't have cheese in it like Deborah's suitcase did in the Everybody Loves Raymond episode, but the whole thing still does stink!



04/27/2017 9:04am

My husband and I were just discussing that episode the other day. I put folded clothes on the bed, and they get put on the floor and not away.

Ava Cuvay
04/27/2017 9:41pm

Growing up, we were all expected to carry something from the stairwell pile when we went up. Got in major doo-doo if we didn't. Best of luck on your experiment!

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