First off let me answer the burning question, Is the basket still on the stairs? Nope. Jake carried it up yesterday afternoon, without my having to ask, which makes me happy but also makes me feel like a bit of jerk for doubting him.

Now, let me say, I MISS BOXING. I stopped back in March because I was set to have a laparoscopy and an ablation treatment. I'm not sure I've spelled either of those correctly, but no matter, when the doctor got in there, my endometriosis was so bad she just said, well nevermind. So I have a hysterectomy coming up that will leave nothing but my left ovary. Fun times. So, I've been pushed into early menopause after a shot of Lupron to help with the endo. Hot flashes are a bitch!
Anyway, back to boxing, so I haven't boxed for a month and a half after doing so for basically two years. Hitting that bag is so therapeutic. I have a lot of inner stress, that I mostly create for myself, but it's there and boxing helped. So, I plan on going back next week and also working on eating better. I say this every day. Not that I think I've done so great, but I can get up each day and try again. 
Another part of my Tranfor-MAY-tion besides healthier eating and beating a boxing bag is working on my social media presence. This will include more blog posts, tweets, and Instagram posts. 
My next post will discuss a Leaky Gut test my sister wants me to take, and I'll keep you up to date on the whole hysterectomy situation. I know a lot of women have gone through them and I'll survive. My prob is the endo has attached to the bowel which means my poo tubes need to be cleared by one surgeon before my awesome gyno can go in and take out all the essential female parts. As I said, fun times. And probably TMI
Let's see if I can get healthier and fitter by the end of the month, and maybe, just maybe by the time Writers On The River rolls around in July, I'll be a few pounds lighter in body and in mind. 


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